Should you part exchange a car that you know has issues?

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When it comes to trading in a car, you may be torn as to whether it is ok to part exchange a vehicle that also ready has faults on it that you know about. It may be that if you inform the garage about faults that are on the vehicle that they are no longer interested in it or that they will give you a lot less for it. Really it has to be a personal choice but many people would say, if it is something quite simple such as brake pads need replacing or suspension needs looking at then it is often not really an issue. If on the other had it is something like the head casket has gone or the gear box is ruined then you may have to really think if that is morally ok to do.

Often larger garages that sell more expensive cars will often send cheaper ones to auction so they may not be too bothered as to what condition it’s in, but if its going on the forecourt then they will have to splash out a fair bit on it to get it right so may well lose money.