Has your car been stuck in a garage for the past 12 months?

With many of us being restricted to our homes on and off for the good part of a year, your car may of not covered half as many miles are it usually does. If you knew that you weren’t going to be using it must over the coming months, you may of decided to lock […]

Keeping your car ready for the winter weather

Much of the UK has seen temperatures plummet this week and the frost and ice set in. Some parts of the country have even been hit with a number of snow flurries. Although this may be very pretty to look at when you don’t have to go anywhere, it can cause chaos on our roads. […]

Is your garage a good place to store Christmas present?

With Christmas almost upon us, many parents are frantically trying to find good hiding places for their children’s toys. It may be that you haven’t got any spare room in the house so decide to use your garage as storage. This can be the perfect hiding place as it is likely that your children do […]

Converting your garage into an office

Well this year certainly has been like no other. Many of us are still having to work from home when possible and with schools having to isolate certain groups if a case of Covid is discovered, it may well be that you have children at home doing school work at times too. It may be […]

Garage door security systems

Your garage may be used as an extension to your home. You may find that you use it to store items that are in fact quite valuable such as gym equipment, camping equipment or a space TV set. You may use your garage to store your car in especially as the colder months start to […]