Is your car MOT ready?

All cars that are over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate to drive on the public roads. An MOT is carried out every 12 months and checks that many major components of the vehicle are safe such as brakes, tyres and exhaust emissions. MOT’s can often be a worrying time for an […]

How to deal with infestations in your garage

A garage is often the perfect place for unwanted guests to set up home. Whether it be mice, rats, flies, spiders or even maggots – these creatures can actually cause a lot of damage to the items stored in your garage. You may not realise that you have any extra house guests until you start […]

Choosing the correct flooring for your garage

The winter months can be extremely harsh at times and garages are often not the warmest of places. During winter you may find that your garage floor becomes slippery, wet or icy and this can be a hazard. Most garages floors are unfurnished meaning that they just have bare concrete and no top covering. This […]

How to find the right car garage

When you are looking to buy a new or used car, it is important that you find the right garage to purchase from. If you are buying a new car then you may just go straight to your nearest main dealer for that make of car you want to buy. When it comes to buying […]

Convert your garage to add value to your home

Some people look at the garage at a property and see a place to store a car whereas others see the possibilities for something grander perhaps a workspace or even a whole new living area but will converting the garage improve the value of your home? The answer to this question is maybe as undoubtedly […]