Is your garage a good place to store Christmas present?

With Christmas almost upon us, many parents are frantically trying to find good hiding places for their children’s toys. It may be that you haven’t got any spare room in the house so decide to use your garage as storage. This can be the perfect hiding place as it is likely that your children do […]

Converting your garage into an office

Well this year certainly has been like no other. Many of us are still having to work from home when possible and with schools having to isolate certain groups if a case of Covid is discovered, it may well be that you have children at home doing school work at times too. It may be […]

Garage door security systems

Your garage may be used as an extension to your home. You may find that you use it to store items that are in fact quite valuable such as gym equipment, camping equipment or a space TV set. You may use your garage to store your car in especially as the colder months start to […]

Designing a garage for your property

If you are fortunate enough to be able to design and build your own home you may be able, as part of this process, to design the garage too. Although this may seem straight forward as most garages are simply a single area, a well-designed garage can have the potential to be a multi -purpose […]

Advantages of garaging your car

For many people, their garage is used for anything but housing their car. It is often used for the storage of garden tools and furniture, as a games room or as a utility room and laundry but are there advantages to using the garage as it was intended to be used and should we be […]