Keeping your car ready for the winter weather

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Much of the UK has seen temperatures plummet this week and the frost and ice set in. Some parts of the country have even been hit with a number of snow flurries. Although this may be very pretty to look at when you don’t have to go anywhere, it can cause chaos on our roads. Despite lockdown, there are still a number of people that are having to drive to and from work or to care for a vulnerable person and the ice and snow can make it very dangerous.

When the weather is like this, only drive if you have to. If you need to pop to the local shop, try and walk if possible rather than taking the car. If you have a garage then try and park your vehicle in the garage overnight. This will avoid you having to scrap ice and snow off your vehicle and will mean you vehicle’s windows and mirrors are clear when you set off. If you do not have a garage that you can park your car in then ensure that you thoroughly defrost all windows properly before setting off. This should also allow for your window screen wash to defrost a little so you can clear your screen when driving should you need to.