Keeping your car in good running order

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There are a few essential pointers to consider if problem free motoring is important to you and your family. With good preparation and servicing on a regular basis the chances of a breakdown can be minimised.

Many garages will offer a health check on your vehicle and this is a good way to pre-empt any problems. It is especially important to have this check before the winter as many cars that run well during the summer months start to show signs of issues as the weather gets colder.

Ongoing maintenance that should be carried out on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how often the vehicle is used should include checking the oil levels by looking at the dipstick and ensuring that the oil level is between the maximum and minimum level markers and checking the coolant level, topping up as necessary.

Checking the level of water in the windscreen washer bottle is very important both in winter and in the summer months as it is illegal and dangerous if there is no water available to wash dirty windscreens.

Regular visual checks should be carried out on the vehicle tyres to ensure that they have sufficient tread and are not unevenly worn as this can lead to a loss of control and poor braking ability.