Is your stop-start giving you grief?

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Many modern cars now come with a stop start feature as standard. The idea of this is to cut down on fuel consumption and emissions buy allowing you to quickly cut the car engine and start it again when in traffic or at traffic lights. Often you have to press down a little harder on the brake pedal and the stop start will cut your engine. You the simply bring the clutch up or in automatics takes your foot off the brake to start the engine again and continue on your journey. This can work well in various situations and often this can be turned off with an override button if you wish, but sometimes the stop start function can cause issues. You may find that you accidentally keep triggering it when trying to park the vehicle. Pressing down on the brakes a little too far my cut then engine and even make you thin you have stalled only to find that the car starts itself again. Also for the stop start to work you need a certain battery and these are often quite a bit more than your standard car battery. Replacing one of these can set you back around £150 at least.