Is your garage a good place to store Christmas present?

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With Christmas almost upon us, many parents are frantically trying to find good hiding places for their children’s toys. It may be that you haven’t got any spare room in the house so decide to use your garage as storage. This can be the perfect hiding place as it is likely that your children do not venture into the garage much and there is usually plenty of room for storage.

You do need to consider the security of the garage as if it is easy to break in to then anything you store in there is at risk. If this is the case then you may want to think about upgrading your security by installing a more secure garage door or at least installing CCTV and maybe even a sensor alarm.

It’s not only thieves that you may need to protect your gifts from. Mouse and rats are often looking for a warm place to shelter this time of year and a nice warm garage to snuggle up in is often the ideal setting. IF you have any chocolate or other food in there then this can be easily sniffed out by these little creatures. Not only may then eat chocolate gifts but they can also chew through material and often leave a trail of mess behind them.