Is your car MOT ready?

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All cars that are over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate to drive on the public roads. An MOT is carried out every 12 months and checks that many major components of the vehicle are safe such as brakes, tyres and exhaust emissions. MOT’s can often be a worrying time for an car owner as you never know quite what to expect. It may be that it is the first MOT that you have had to have carried out on the vehicle since you owned it so you may have no idea what it may pass or fail on. Looking online at previous MOT’s may be able to give you an indication of what has been done recently and what may have been an advisory in the past.

When booking your car in for a MOT make sure that you book it in in advance as once the MOT has expired you will not be able to drive it around unless taking it for the retest / repairs. You can usually book the vehicle in up to one month in advance to preserve the anniversary of the MOT next year. There are things that you can do at home to try and ensure it does not fail on anything small and obvious. Checking that all the lights are working is replacing any bulbs that are needed is often simple. Lights are a very common failure on an MOT. Tyres wear and condition is always checked, so be sure to ensure that there is plenty of tread and they are inflated correctly prior to your MOT.