Is the MOT due soon on your car?

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Taking your car in for an MOT can be quite daunting. Often you never know what will need doing on it until it has actually had the test done. IT could be that it passes first time and only costs you around £40 to have the test or it may be that it fails on a number of costly repairs.

Before taking the car in for an MOT be sure to check as many of the components yourself. Check to see if all your bulbs are working and your tyres have plenty of tread left on them. Also check that all your levels are topped up under the bonnet. If the garage does repair work as well as MOT then you may want to consider if there is any other work that you want doing whilst it is in as they may be able to do the work at the same time. This means that you will not have to be without your vehicle again by booking it in separately and if the jobs are relatively simply you may find that they will charge you slightly less to have all the work done together.

Ideally you should try and have your MOT done at least a week before it runs out to give you chance to get any work done that may be required and to have it retested.