How to reduce the cost of your MOT

If your car is due an MOT soon then you may begin to worry ho much it is all going to cost you. The MOT test itself isn’t too bad, varying from £35 to £45 but until you have the test done, very often you have no idea as to whether it is going to pass or fail.

There are a few things that you can do to try and keep your MOT costs as low as possible. Firstly, try and find a garage that you trust you may even want to use a garage that does MOT’s only and not repairs as it is of no interest to them to fail the vehicle.

 Although the MOT test is very strict, unfortunately there are same garages that will take advantage of a test and quote for work that does not really need doing. One of the things that is checked during an MOT is lights and bulbs. Making sure that they are all working prior to taking it in for a test allows you to buy the bulbs as cheaply as possible rather than paying garage costs. It also ensures that the vehicle doesn’t fail on something simple like this which would mean it would require a retest once you have replaced the bulbs.