How to deal with infestations in your garage

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A garage is often the perfect place for unwanted guests to set up home. Whether it be mice, rats, flies, spiders or even maggots – these creatures can actually cause a lot of damage to the items stored in your garage.

You may not realise that you have any extra house guests until you start to find evidence of the damage they have caused. Rats and mice can very quickly chew through anything that is soft. Many people use their garage as storage for camping equipment, outdoor furniture / cushions or even as a laundry room. If this is the case then you may worry about how to stop these fury friends getting in and causing destruction. Mice and rats can breed quite quickly so it is important to try and establish how many there are. If you think there are a lot then you may need to call in a specialist team. If there is just one, then you could possibly use a trap. You can buy humane traps to catch them if you would rather not kill them, just remember to let them go far away from your home otherwise they will just find their way back very quickly!