Getting your garage ready for the winter

With the wet weather and cold nights fast approaching, now is the time to think about your garage and if there is anything you need to do in preparation for the winter. It may be that you have noticed that you have a small leak in the roof of your garage. It will possibly get worse over the winter months and also may be harder to rectify as often roof repairs need to be done when it is dry.

If you store items in your garage, you need to consider that it may well become damp over the wintertime. If you have items such as sleeping bags, tents or clothing in there, this can very quickly start to go mouldy. Once mould has set it is it virtually impossible to completely remove it.

If you use your garage as another room of your house such as a playroom or games room then not only do you need to ensure that it is watertight but you may also want to think about insulation and heating. If you have large opening garage doors but rarely need to open them then why not look to swap them for a garage door that has separate pedestrian access. This will help to retain some of the heat.