Easy ways to keep your car clean inside and out

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During the winter months it is a real struggle to keep your car clean as just a short journey can cause dirt to accumulate on the car’s bodywork. The salt and grit that is used on the roads to prevent accidents on the ice get thrown up on to the car and can cause damage if left on the paintwork for any length of time. So, are there any tips that will make keeping a vehicle clean easier?

One of the quickest ways to keep the dirt down on your car is to have a hosepipe or pressure washer handy so that you can give the car a hose down every few days. This will make it easier when you come to wash it properly. Many towns have either an automatic car wash or a handwash station and although this is not usually as good as a proper wash it is enough to improve the appearance of the car.

The cleanliness and tidiness of the interior of the car usually depends on whether or not you are transporting children around. Muddy footprints, sweet wrappers and random school related debris often litter family cars but there are ways to minimise this with just a bit of effort on everyone’s part. There are small bins available that can be attached to the rear of the front seats so that wrappers can be placed there instead of being dropped on the floor or placed in the side pockets. Plastic footwell linings can be used in rainy weather to prevent wet or muddy shoes leaving marks on the car carpet and boot tidies are useful for putting school bags and PE kits in to prevent them from falling open in the main part of the car.