Do you have to change both brake discs at the same time?

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When it comes to car repairs some people will put their hands up and say that they know little or nothing about cars and have no idea what repairs may need doing or how much they are likely to cost. This is ok if you have a mechanic or a garage that you can trust but if not, you may be leaving yourself open to getting ripped off.

Brake pads often need replacing every 50,000 miles but could need changing anything between 25,000 miles and 75,000 miles. When changing pads they do need to both be changed at the same time as if you have a car with one new pad and one old pad then it will often brake differently on each side and could cause the car to pull to one side.

The other component on your brakes that may need changing are the brake discs. The disc often needs changing every other time you change the pads as a rule. If you let your pads get too low though, you may find that the discs get damaged and you must replace them sooner.

It is important to remember although the brakes are checked during a MOT they literally just pass or fail and so they may still be borderline on needing to be replaced.