Designing a garage for your property

If you are fortunate enough to be able to design and build your own home you may be able, as part of this process, to design the garage too. Although this may seem straight forward as most garages are simply a single area, a well-designed garage can have the potential to be a multi -purpose space for all the family to use.

If the garage is going to be used to house the family car it will need to be wide enough to allow the occupants to get into and out of the car in the garage ideally so that during inclement weather your family stays dry. A double garage is a good idea if this is the case as the other part of the garage can be used for other purposes.

It may be that you store bicycles in the garage so it is a useful thing to have brackets on the wall so that they can be lifted onto the brackets when not in use.

Many homeowners use the rear of the garage as a utility room and if this is the case at the design stage the necessary plumbing and drainage can be planned for. Some even plan for a separate toilet off the garage a useful addition for when you are working in the garden and do not want to walk muddy boots through the house.