Converting your garage into an office

Well this year certainly has been like no other. Many of us are still having to work from home when possible and with schools having to isolate certain groups if a case of Covid is discovered, it may well be that you have children at home doing school work at times too.

It may be that your house simply isn’t set up to have an office, not everyone has a huge kitchen or a spare room that can accommodate a desk, chair and a computer. If you have a garage that isn’t being used very much, why not convert that in to a work space. You will probably already have a power supply going in to there or if not an electrician can easily provide one. A garage can be the perfect work space. It is often quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the house, spacious and there are no distractions. You could even set up your children with their own little work space to allow them to have an area to work from. IF you think that working from home is going to become more permanent then why not convert the garage properly in to an office or section part of it off. You could then insulate it and maybe even add in a window or a glass door to allow more light in.