Convert your garage to add value to your home

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Some people look at the garage at a property and see a place to store a car whereas others see the possibilities for something grander perhaps a workspace or even a whole new living area but will converting the garage improve the value of your home?

The answer to this question is maybe as undoubtedly a well-organised, updated garage can help to sell a home but changes that seem ideal for your family such as turning your garage into a game room for teenagers may not actually be the choice of a prospective buyer so before you make over this often-neglected space, it is a good idea to think carefully about the changes that will make the most impact.

If the original garage is fitted with a heavy wooden door that is hard to open manually it is a good idea to install a garage door that opens automatically or swap the old door for a lightweight aluminium one. Some people choose to replace the large garage door with a window and standard sized door, but this then prevents a new owner changing the space back to a garage again which may put off some potential buyers.

If you have an attached garage and want to use it as part of your living space it is important to insulate the walls and ceiling to prevent heat loss and to make it a more comfortable place to use. Any permanent changes will need to have building control permissions applied for to ensure the ventilation and insulation is up to standard. Heating for the space can either be temporary such as electric radiators or an attached garage can have a radiator fitted which is connected to the main house heating system.

Garage lighting is usually functional and may consist of a single strip light in the centre. An electrician can install the correct lighting for the space depending on the purpose of the garage for instance if the garage is going to be used as a workspace downlighters can be installed to give adequate lighting and at the same time additional electrical sockets can be added.

Flooring in the converted garage is probably better to be laminate flooring as this is hardwearing and easy to clean however fitted carpet will give the room a cosier feel to it and is a popular choice if the room is going to be used as a bedroom or additional living space.