Choosing a new car, where to start?

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When it’s time to choose a new car, it can feel like a bit of a mine field. There are so many different options out there and not just between different makes and models but also fuel types. You may opt for the more traditional fuel types such as diesel or petrol or you may choose to modernise opting for a hybrid or full electric. Each have pros and cons to them and vary between higher running costs and higher initial purchase prices. It’s really worth putting some time into researching these as dependant on your own situation one may be more suitable than the others.

The other thing to think about is do you definitely want to own your next car or would you rather lease it. The bonus of leasing rather than buying is that you usually get a much better, newer car than you could afford to buy outright and it’s fairly hassle-free. The plans often cover the lease of the vehicle, tax, insurance and even a servicing pack so it really is all managed for you. This can be great piece of mind to have particularly if you find the admin side of running a car stressful. Simple and easy and definitely worth considering.