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Can your car have a MOT test early?

MOT tests are essential for all vehicles over three years old that are being driven on public roads. The car will need to have a new MOT test carried out every 12 months. Rather than waiting until the day your MOT expires to get the test done it is advised to book it in a […]

Have you got a water leak on your car?

You may notice that you have a water leak on your vehicle simply by seeing a puddle of liquid under your car when it has been parked for a while or if it is quite bad, noticing your temperature gauge start to creep up.   Sometimes your car will develop a slow leak which will […]

How to check your oil levels

Oil is essential to a car’s engine yet it is something that many of us neglect to check on a regular basis. Oil has three main jobs, to help all the engine components work together smoothly, to help draw heat away from the combustion chambers, that can get very hot and to prevent carbon and […]

Should you take out breakdown cover?

Sometimes motorists look at breakdown cover as another expense that  they do not really need and can do without but although breakdown cover is not essential, you may end up having to fork out hundreds to get your car recovered to a garage or home again. There are a few different breakdown companies, some of […]

What should you be concerned about when it comes to your car?

If you have recently had a new or used car and have noticed a new noise or that it seems to be driving differently then you may be likely to panic what it is and often we assume the worse. It is right to be concerned if you notice something different about the way your […]