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Should you part exchange a car that you know has issues?

When it comes to trading in a car, you may be torn as to whether it is ok to part exchange a vehicle that also ready has faults on it that you know about. It may be that if you inform the garage about faults that are on the vehicle that they are no longer […]

Keeping your car in good running order

There are a few essential pointers to consider if problem free motoring is important to you and your family. With good preparation and servicing on a regular basis the chances of a breakdown can be minimised. Many garages will offer a health check on your vehicle and this is a good way to pre-empt any […]

Buying a used car

If you are thinking of buying a used car from a local dealership there are some points to consider before you settle on a purchase. For most people the overriding limitation is the amount of money that is available to you. Many dealerships offer finance over a number of years and if you qualify it […]

Do you have to change both brake discs at the same time?

When it comes to car repairs some people will put their hands up and say that they know little or nothing about cars and have no idea what repairs may need doing or how much they are likely to cost. This is ok if you have a mechanic or a garage that you can trust […]

How to reduce the cost of your MOT

If your car is due an MOT soon then you may begin to worry ho much it is all going to cost you. The MOT test itself isn’t too bad, varying from £35 to £45 but until you have the test done, very often you have no idea as to whether it is going to […]