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Choosing a new car, where to start?

When it’s time to choose a new car, it can feel like a bit of a mine field. There are so many different options out there and not just between different makes and models but also fuel types. You may opt for the more traditional fuel types such as diesel or petrol or you may […]

Is your stop-start giving you grief?

Many modern cars now come with a stop start feature as standard. The idea of this is to cut down on fuel consumption and emissions buy allowing you to quickly cut the car engine and start it again when in traffic or at traffic lights. Often you have to press down a little harder on […]

Easy ways to keep your car clean inside and out

During the winter months it is a real struggle to keep your car clean as just a short journey can cause dirt to accumulate on the car’s bodywork. The salt and grit that is used on the roads to prevent accidents on the ice get thrown up on to the car and can cause damage […]

Is the MOT due soon on your car?

Taking your car in for an MOT can be quite daunting. Often you never know what will need doing on it until it has actually had the test done. IT could be that it passes first time and only costs you around £40 to have the test or it may be that it fails on […]

Is your car MOT ready?

All cars that are over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate to drive on the public roads. An MOT is carried out every 12 months and checks that many major components of the vehicle are safe such as brakes, tyres and exhaust emissions. MOT’s can often be a worrying time for an […]