Are exhaust cleaning fluids worth the money?

Cars can be one of the most expensive maintenance bills a person has. Along with MOT’s Tyres and Servicing as well as the legal side in terms of tax and insurance, the cost of running a car can add up to a large sum.

Two areas that are renowned for trouble and often need cleaning are the catalytic converter and the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Both of these problems can lead to issues with the efficiency of the car which in turn can cause an MOT failure due to high emissions.

Taking your car to a garage to get them to replace filters and exhaust systems can be expensive so many car owners are using off the shelf exhaust cleaning solutions to see if they can fix the issue for a fraction of the cost.

The chemicals that you can buy are essentially additives that consist of a variety of chemicals that pass through the combustion process and then break down the harmful deposits in the DPF or cat. These then allows them to be passed through the system and expelled out of the exhaust. There is mixed opinions as to whether these work or not but for as little as £10 a bottle it may well be worth a try.