Advantages of garaging your car

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For many people, their garage is used for anything but housing their car. It is often used for the storage of garden tools and furniture, as a games room or as a utility room and laundry but are there advantages to using the garage as it was intended to be used and should we be rethinking its perhaps profitable usefulness?

One of the questions asked when you take out insurance on your car is where is it kept and most of us reply on the driveway but if you can honestly say in a garage to this question it can reduce your premium. Garaging your car also makes it less likely to be stolen or damaged thereby minimising any hassle that may result.

Undoubtedly the effects of the weather on your car paint and body work cause it to deteriorate over time especially during the winter months thus reducing the value of your car so garaging your car will help to preserve the paintwork and ultimately may result in your car fetching a higher price when you sell it.

If you use your car frequently during the winter months you will know the inconvenience of having to de-ice the screen before you can start your journey but if your car is kept in the garage this is not a problem although it is advisable to still use anti-freeze in the coolant system.