How much does a garage door cost?

When looking at replacing your garage doors, you will probably first ask yourself how much it is likely to cost. This is a not a question that can answered easily as there is a very wide price band when it comes to garage doors. Firstly, you need to decide what type of garage door you […]

Are exhaust cleaning fluids worth the money?

Cars can be one of the most expensive maintenance bills a person has. Along with MOT’s Tyres and Servicing as well as the legal side in terms of tax and insurance, the cost of running a car can add up to a large sum. Two areas that are renowned for trouble and often need cleaning […]

Intermittent issues with your car?

Having a break down or finding that your car won’t start can be extremely frustrating but often it is relatively easy to find out what is wrong. Intermittent issues with your car can be much harder to diagnose and you may find that it costs you more as the garage may not instantly be able […]

How to keep your car smelling fresh

When you get a new car one thing that almost everyone notices is that ‘new car’ smell. Unfortunately, that nice fresh smell doesn’t tend to last very long and once your car has been filled with food smells or sweaty sports kits it can quickly start to smell a bit off. There are many car […]

Choosing a new car, where to start?

When it’s time to choose a new car, it can feel like a bit of a mine field. There are so many different options out there and not just between different makes and models but also fuel types. You may opt for the more traditional fuel types such as diesel or petrol or you may […]